Diving with whale sharks usually ranks pretty high on most divers’ bucket list. Indeed, these gigantic docile creatures are one of nature’s wonders. As one of the largest fish on the planet, they may weigh up to 21 tons for a 14m-long body.
Pacifist filter-feeders, they can be observed in a number of places around the globe. Here are a few diving spots where you may encounter whale sharks on your next diving holidays.

Dive season for whale sharks in central and Latin America

Koh Tao Whale SharkUtila in Honduras is a perfect spot for diving with whale sharks as these magnificent marine creatures can be observed year-round, with most sightings occurring in March and April.

Belize is known to attract whale sharks that come feeding on its cubera snappers near Gladden Spit and Silk Cayes Marine Reserve. As their food comes around April and May, it’s best to plan your diving holidays accordingly if you wish to check the “diving with whale sharks” box on your bucket list.

Summer diving vacations call for an exciting dive in Holbox, in Mexico, right off the Yucatan. Whale sharks can be spotted there from mid-July to August. For a wider time scope, head to Isla Mujeres, where you may get the chance to encounter a whale shark from May to September.

Yet another spot for diving with whale sharks is Puerto Ayora in Ecuador, in particular, during the period between May and October.

Diving with whale sharks in Asia

The Philippines offer a few top diving destinations for encounters with whale sharks. One of the most renowned is Donsol Bay near Luzon, where you can swim along these graceful beauties. The diving season for whale sharks stretches from November to June, with the highest concentration of sightings from February to April.
Another spot for diving with whale sharks in the Philippines is Honda Bay, near Puerto Princesa in Palawan.

In Thailand, whale sharks are regularly encountered near Koh Tao, particularly during the months of February to May.

Whale sharks arrive in Ningaloo in Western Australia around March and are gone by August.


Whale sharks diving in Africa

The most popular destination for diving while whale sharks in Africa is Mozambique. Cabo San Sebastian and Tofo dive sites are where most whale sharks are encountered. Best conditions for diving with these beautiful beings are found during the period of November to February.

When and where to go diving with Whale Sharks

when and where to dive with whale sharks in the world