Phuket is an ideal scuba diving destination in Thailand. Amongst the big and the small stuff you might meet there, here are some of the many marine life commonly spotted while diving in Phuket.

diving with turtles phuket

Diving with Manta ray

Diving in Phuket, you will encounter a great number of different species of rays, including the mighty Manta Ray, the largest of rays. Cruising the big blue, encounters with eagle rays, stingrays and Jenkin’s whiprays are not uncommon.

Underwater encounters with sharks in Phuket

diving with whale sharksSharks are another frequent companion when diving in Phuket. You will encounter many different species of sharks, from the smallest to the largest. Leopard sharks, sometimes known as zebra sharks, are docile creatures, usually found resting on the sea bed after a night of hunting. Another bottom-dwelling nocturnal hunter is the nurse shark. Commonly found in shallow waters, it can reach a length of 4m. For even larger encounters, Phuket is renowned for diving with whale sharks.

Turtles : a scuba diver’s favourite

Turtles with their glistening shells and fluid movements are favored by tourists. Slightly rarer than other marine wildlife, turtles are most often spotted gliding over coral formations. The two most common species of turtles found in Phuket are the hawksbill turtle and the green turtle. However very similar at first glance, you can tell a hawsbill turtle apart by its jagged rear edge to its shell.

Macro life in Phuket

The tropical waters of the Andaman Sea make for an amazing universe of colors and shapes. Ghost pipefish, in particular the Ornate Ghost Pipefish, is a regular of these waters. With camouflage talents, you will find it hiding among the branches of fan or bush corals.

With over 3000 cataloged nudibranch, the Andaman Sea is a haven for macro photographers. Coming in all shapes and colors, these soft-bodied creatures, similar to Sea Slugs, are usually small and with bright colors. Found at all levels of depths, nudibranchs are almost a given when diving in Phuket.

With warm tropical waters, a rich and diverse wildlife, and a year-round diving season, Phuket is an ideal spot for scuba diving holidays in Thailand.

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Photos from Wikipedia Whale sharks / Turtles