walking shark indonesia

Epaulette Walking Shark

Did you know that some sharks can walk ?

Sharks are usually a diver’s favorite, be it a harmless reef sharks, a giant whale shark or one of the big scary ones ! But how exciting is it to discover a walking shark ? Scientist Mark Erdmann, who discovered a new species of walking shark on a night dive in Indonesia in 2012, describes the experience as a “rush of adrenaline”.

At the moment, six of the nine known walking shark species can be found in Indonesian waters. One of them is known as the epaulette shark. With its lateral pectoral and pelvic fins, it appears to walk along coral reefs instead of hovering over.

Most walking sharks in Indonesia can be encountered during night dives as they tend to be most active during nighttime.

As the world’s second diving destination for manta, Indonesia is also home to a large number of sharks, including the walking sharks.