King of the party life in Thailand, Phuket is also renowned for its stretched sandy beaches and jade-colored waters. Apart from working on your tan on Patong Beach, coconut shake in hand, there are many things to do while visiting Phuket.

Cooking classes in Phuket

things to do Phuket, cooking class phuketAre you a fan of “Top Chef” ? Would you like to learn to master the art of authentic Thai cooking ? Then, enroll in a Thai cooking class in Phuket. You will learn to cook a full meal, including 3-4 dishes, and get to eat it too ! In Phuket Town, join the Phuket Thai Cookery School.

A typical cooking course starts with a visit to the local market to experience the Thai way of shopping, discover unknowned vegetables and fruits, and smell the different spices and herbs that make Thai cuisine so fine and subtle in flavors.

A cooking class at the Phuket Thai Cookery School cost 2,900Bahts.

Try scuba-diving in Phuket

diving phuket, diving day trip phuket heart and soul,Try your first scuba diving in Phuket, discovering the feeling of breathing underwater in the warm tropical waters of the Andaman Sea.

An introduction to scuba diving usually takes between half a day to a full day depending how many dives you wish to do. You will generally make your first bubbles in a pool or in shallow waters, where you will grow accustomed to the sensation of being below the surface.

Once you feel comfortable, you will head to the Big Blue, observing the rich life surrounding the coral reefs, and if you’re lucky spotting a turtle !

Work on your zen : take a yoga class

Walk away from the hustle of the busy Phuket into the serenity of a yoga class. Never tried yoga ? There are classes for every level, from beginners to experienced yogis. Feeling rusty or just not flexible ? That’s why you need to go to a yoga class : get your body moving !

The Little Yoga Room is great for beginners and advanced yogis alike, as groups of limited to 10 students, allowing for more time and personal attention. Expect to pay about 350Bahts per class of 1h30, a bargain compared to prices in western countries.

If you’re visiting this paradise piece of Thailand during the Green Season, this is a great idea of things to do when it rains in Phuket !

Phuket, with its daydream beaches and incredible nightlife, has something to offer to each and everyone. Looking to leave the city behind and head to somewhere new : here’s 3 suggested itineraries from Phuket to amazing places nearby.