Introductory – Discover Scuba Diving

  • Destination: Palawan, Philippines
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Price from: €64
  • Requirements:
    Min. 10 years old
    Be medically fit (medical statement recommended)

About trying scuba diving during your holidays in Palawan ? The Philippines offer pristine waters ideal for a first introductory dive.

Your first scuba dive will open a door to a whole new world. From small shrimps to graceful turtle, through wild underwater flora, you will be amazed by the life under the surface.

If you enjoyed this introduction to scuba diving, then you may want to think about becoming a certified diver by completing your first level of scuba diving education : the Open Water Diver Course.

Discover scuba diving, introductory dives in Palawan, Philippines

The Program Discover Scuba Diving in Palawan is usually divided into two main sections : first getting you used to breathing underwater, then watching you enjoy the beauty of the underwater world.

During the first part of your introduction to scuba diving, your instructor will present the scuba gear you will be using. Once familiar with the equipment, you will take your first breath underwater in a confined and shallow water area. What an unforgettable experience !

Once you are comfortable, you will enjoy your first scuba dive in open water, that is, at sea. Your professional scuba instructor will brief you on the dive location and guide you once under the surface. Look around and explore the underwater scenery. There are countless things to spot : fish, corals, plants … Your scuba instructor will remain at your side the whole dive so that you can feel safe and enjoy your first introductory dive in the Philippines.

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On the Beach

Group Size

Max. 4 divers


English, German, Tagalog, French

General atmosphere


Pick-up from hotel

Yes, 50PHP

Number of dives

Day-trip : 3 dives

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