Dives Blue Lagoon

  • Destination: Bali, Indonesia
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Price from: €73
  • Requirements:
    Be medically fit (physical examination completed by a doctor)
    Proof of scuba diving certification level

Located in Padang Bai about 1:30-boat ride from Kuta, the Blue Lagoon dive site in Bali is great for both scuba divers and snorkelers. With its sandy-bottom shallow waters down to 25m, Blue Lagoon suits divers of all levels. Only 5 minutes from the shore, you may enjoy surface intervals on the beach if you plan on diving a second time in Blue Lagoon dive site.

Colorful coral reefs host gorgonians, staghorn corals and more ! Blue Lagoon dive site in Bali is home to an abundant diversity of reef fish and large and small species of marine life. Moray eels, clown fish in their anemones, crocodile fish, octopus and pharoah cuttlefish are common encounters. There is equally a high chance of spotting all sorts of sharks including whitetip and blacktip sharks, nurse sharks or wobbegong ones. Lucky divers may sight green turtles.

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Dives at Blue Lagoon, Bali, Indonesia

Mild current, especially in the morning, average visibility over 20m and shallow waters make the Blue Lagoon dive sitea perfect spot for introductory dives in Bali and certified beginners alike. Independently of your certification level and experience, you will find Blue Lagoon an amazing dive site in Bali.

Ideal spot for underwater macro photography, night dives in Bali at Blue Lagoon are an opportunity to spot spanish dancers, a special nudibranch with a flat body, performing their special dances.


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Kuta, in the city

Group Size

Max. 4 divers



General atmosphere

Medium Standing, Family oriented

Pick-up from hotel

Yes, Free


Morning : 2, Afternoon : 1

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