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Located in Guanacaste, on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, Playas Del Coco is the perfect holiday spot. The horseshoe-shaped beach stretches for 3 kilometers across the Gulf of Papagayo. From wildlife to underwater fun, through relaxing sunbathing time, Coco Beach has much to offer to both families and the solo travelers.

How to get to Playas Del Coco

Coco Beach is a 4-hour scenic ride away from the capital, San Jose, which is home to Costa Rica’s main airport. Departing from either the center of San Jose or the airport, many buses link the capital city with Playas Del Coco. A one-way ticket by bus usually cost USD8 and takes about 5 hours.

Only a short ride away from Coco Beach, you may fly to Daniel Oduber Quiros International Airport in Liberia. Many resorts and dive centers will offer pick-up transfer to and from the local airport.

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Coco Beach Dive sites

There are over 20 local dive sites in Playas Del Coco within 10-20min boat ride, not to mention the proximity to the Catalinas Island, Bat Island and Coco Island.

With a visibility ranging from 15 to 75ft/5 to 25m all year round and nutrient-rich waters, you’ll swim with small and larger marine creatures while diving in the gulf of Papagayo.

Wreck divers will explore one of the three shipwrecks at the Tortuga dive site. Look out for the white-tip sharks calmly napping nearby.

Diving at Virador dive site, you’ll explore the shark cave at 10m depth, while enjoying swimming with schools of grunts and king anglefish.

Monkey Head is a shallow dive site in Coco beach, with a maximum depth of 22m (72 ft.). Cabeza de Mono is best known for its schools of rays.

If you’re looking for close encounters with rays, then go diving at Catalinas Island. If you enjoy the thrill of diving with sharks, hop on a boat to Bat Island (Islas Murciélagos) to dive with bull sharks. With strong current, it is also a great spot for drift diving in Costa Rica.

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Playas Del Coco Diving schools

There are many dive schools in Playas Del Coco, ranging from small operations to larger PADI professional Career Centers (CDC). Group size, ratio instructor/students and type of boats vary from one diving schools to another.

Most diving schools in Coco Beach offer a wide range of scuba diving courses, starting from introductory dives all the way to professional training. Some also offer TEC courses, which are more advanced and challenging training.

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Accommodation in Coco Beach

From budget hotels to luxury villas, through cabinas, accommodation in Playas Del Coco caters for all tourists’ needs and budgets. You may also rent an all-furnished villa.

However, there are no large resorts or hotel chains, as most hotels are locally-owned. In addition, backpacker hostels and dorms are rare, usually substituted by budget hotels.

Cheapest rooms may be booked for USD20, while luxury rooms may go for over USD100 per night. Mid-range hotels offer rooms for USD40-70.
Prices also vary according to the location and the season.
Find the best offers here

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Cost of living in Playas Del Coco

As far as food goes, a coffee will cost about $3.00. An average meal cost between $20-$30. A can of coke might cost you $1.50 and a bottle of beer about $3.00.

A taxi trip usually costs between $2-$10 depending your destination. Some hotels and dive centers offer to help you organise your transfer and pick-up.

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Others activities in Coco Beach

As Coco Beach is one of Costa Rica’s beach destination, most activities revolve around water including sunbathing, scuba diving, surfing and snorkeling !

Apart from water-related activities in Playas Del Coco, there are many beautiful beaches to explore around. If you enjoy sunbathing and relaxing on the beach, pop by Playa Hermosa, Ocotal, Flamingo, Panama or Jaco Beach to name a few !

If you are more of the adventurer type, try a Jungle Tour. Most of them include adrenaline-pumping zip lines, horse-riding, rock-climbing and such. You will also get the opportunity to discover the local wildlife.

Finally, within a two-hour drive, you will find Rincon de la Vieja, a neighbouring dormant volcano, and Lllano de Cortes, an impressive waterfall.

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