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Located 30km off the East coast of Peninsular Malaysia, Tioman is a protected island with over 98% of its dense forest still intact.

With 8 main villages and about 18 beaches, some of which are only accessible by boat, nature-lovers will appreciate the fresh air and pristine waters. Roads are virtually non-existent in Tioman and most transfers will be done by boat.

How to get to Tioman

There are two main ways to get into Tioman, either by ferry or by air. Ferries depart from Mersing fishing village and from Tanjung Gemok, which may be reached by coach/bus from Malaysia and Singapore. It takes about 2hrs 30min to reach Tioman by ferry. A one-way ticket costs about RM35 per person (as of 2014).

Flights to Tioman are only operated by Berjaya Air and serve only Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, capital city of Malaysia. A flight from Kuala Lumpur to Tioman only lasts one hour. Flights can be booked online via www.berjaya-air.com.

Please note that you will be departing from the budget terminal of Kuala Lumpur, Subang Sky Park, located about one hour away from KLIA, the main airport. Similarly, you will board at the Changi Budget Terminal in Singapore.

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Tioman Dive sites

Crystal-clear waters, garden of corals of various shapes and colors, and hundreds of tropical fishes swimming by are why most scuba divers come to Tioman.

The Malaysian island of Tioman is most famous for the dive sites around Coral Islands. You can enjoy shore dives or boat dives, the farthest dive sites being a 2-hour boat ride away. Book your dives in Tioman today !

With over 20 dive sites to choose from, Tioman has something for every scuba divers of any levels of experience. Shallow and calm waters await the divers at Pirate Reef or Renggis Island, while more experienced divers may head for deeper waters such as Chebeh and Tiger Reef.

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Tioman Diving schools

Dive schools in Tioman are located in the main villages such as Air Batang Bay (sometimes called ABC) and Salang Bay.

The main certification courses are delivered by PADI, although for fun dives, any certifications will do. You also will find a PADI Career center to become a PADI Open Water instructor (IDC).

Nitrox diving is available in Tioman, and most useful for underwater photographers who wish to stay longer underwater.

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Accommodation in Tioman

Most hotels and resorts in Tioman will offer two choices of accommodation. Budget accommodation usually refers to fan and cold shower, while deluxe accommodation includes air-con and hot showers.

Most of Tioman’s backpacker accommodation is located in the north of the island near Salang bay and ABC. Dorm beds start at RM30 per night, Budget Fan bungalows at RM45 per night. Mid-range to Deluxe accommodation will be found on the west coast of Tioman. (Found the best offers here).

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Cost of living in Tioman

Planning your travel budget to Tioman, a typical meal in Tioman costs between RM10-15 per person. A 1.5L bottle of water cost some RM3, while a soda costs just over RM2.

Tioman is actually a duty free island. Cigarettes are RM7 whereas on the mainland it sells for RM12.

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Others activities in Tioman

Apart from snorkeling and scuba diving in Tioman, you may enjoy the island’s natural beauty on land. Rock-climbing is a popular activity for both beginners and experts.

With its untouched rain forest, jungle trekking in Tioman offers beautiful views and the opportunity to encounter monkeys and monitor lizards. Be sure to bring mosquito repellent and to get home before dusk.

Finally, among the few things you thought would be impossible to find in Tioman, you may also enjoy golfing or getting pampered at the spas.

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