Diving at Mafia Island

With over 42 different types of coral and over 400 species of fish, Mafia Island Marine Park ensures you experience a stunning diversity of marine life and healthy reefs, which is why it constantly ranks as a world-class scuba diving destination.

Although it’s possible to dive all year-round in the sheltered bay of Chole, if you’d like to venture outside the bay, the best time to dive on Mafia Island is from November to February.

Within the bay, visibility is highly dependent on tides. At high tide, it can stretch to 30m. Outside the bay, water clarity is less affected by tidal movements.

With an average of 26°C/78°F, water temperatures can reach 29°C/84°F during the summer months.

Mafia Island

Located approx 25km off the coast of Tanzania, Mafia Island, between Kilwa and Zanzibar, is a paradise left untouched. Treasure-hunters may find it exciting to think of this tropical island as a hide-out for glorious pirates and their fellow criminals. However, this hidden gem actually derived its name from the Swahili term “healthy living place”.

As the first Marine Park of Tanzania, it has luckily managed to escape mass tourism. The main island and several smaller ones are therefore surrounded by healthy and abundant corals, making Mafia Island a dream destination for scuba diving.

At Mafia Island you can escape the crowds and fully enjoy this natural archipelago of the Indian Ocean.

Getting to Mafia Island

To get to Mafia Island, you can catch one of the daily flights from the capital city Dar Es Salam to Mafia’s Kilindoni airport. Make sure to book your flight to Mafia Island, as this undamaged scuba diving destination is only reachable by air.

Please note that passengers on any internal flights are required to pay an airport departure tax (approx $6). In addition, airport service charges and security fees are usually not included in your flight ticket (approx $5).

Accommodation on Mafia Island

As a protected area, building on Mafia Island is restricted. This means there are only a few tourist lodges to choose from. Room prices vary according to the tourist season, the room type and their location. A night in a double room can cost anywhere from $50 to $150.

An Island lodge is an exotic version of a luxury resort with a relaxing atmosphere offering barefoot luxury. They are the ideal places to find some peace and quiet and to log off from the stresses of urban life.

Cost of living on Mafia Island

Please note that there are no banks nor any ATMs on the island. Therefore, it is necessary to bring cash with you, either Tanzanian shillings or US Dollars (although some other major currencies may be accepted by some businesses such as Euro, British Pounds, Swiss Francs.

Make sure you also bring $20 per person and per day in cash to pay for the Marine Park fee. A dinner can cost anywhere between $15 and $25, with some lodges offering full board accommodation.

Other activities on Mafia Island

As most islands, activities revolve around the water. During your holidays on Mafia Island, you’ll enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling, relaxing beach time and offshore island excursions. There are a number of small islands nearby to visit, such as Kinasi Pass Islet, Mange and Jibondo Pass being amongst the most popular attractions around Mafia Island.

Between October and January, whale sharks are common visitors to the western side of the island, with snorkeling excursions being easily organized. From August to September, you may also get to enjoy humpback whale watching.

Good to know

Mafia Island is classed as an Islamic place. Although bikinis are allowed at the pool of your hotel and on tourist beaches, it is best to pack knee-length and shoulder-covering clothes to respect the cultural traditions when walking in the villages.

This tropical wildlife reserve is in a malaria-zone, so it is highly recommended that you bring strong mosquito-repellent. However, you may consider with the advice of your doctor to take anti-malarial treatments. Doxycycline is not recommended as it causes skin sensitivity, not great if you plan on working on your tan. Malarone appears to be a better choice, however it may cause sea-sickness, not ideal for a scuba diving holiday in Tanzania, so make sure you pack anti-seasickness medicine that is fit for purpose.